The Information below contains spoilers for Books 1-4. If you do not wish to spoil the story for yourself- stop reading Now.
Alias(s) Shade Demon

Energy Mage

Malunafrey (incorrect translation)


Race Human
Gender Female
Age 23 (x791)
Birthday August 21
Hair Color Blonde with Silver Tips
Eye Color Silver
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location Left Shoulder
Occupation Mage

S-Class Mage

Team Team Frea
Previous Team Team Natsu
Partner(s) Moon

Chase Laec

Erza Scarlet (former)

Laxus Dreyer (former)

Aisha (former)

Gajeel Redfox (former)

Sting Eucliffe (part time)

Rogue Cheney (part time)

Base of Operations Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Fairy Hills

Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents (presumed deceased)

Unnamed Siblings (presumed deceased)

Chaitanya (Foster Mother)

Shadow (Dark Demon Inside of Her)

Winter (Light Demon Inside of Her)

Counterpart Frea Silvery
Magic Energy Magic

Light Magic (former)

Shadow Magic (former)

Energy Dragon Slaying Magic (1st Gen)

Magic Mimicry

World Sense

Various other Techniques

Other Item(s) 'Enogora Magrea' Book
Book #1- Lost Life
Chapter Chapter 1- Memories and New Faces

Frea (Pronounced Fray-uh) is the main protagonist and character within the Frea-verse Story line. Her first appearance is in Chapter 1 on the the First Book- 'Lost Life' and appears throughout the rest of the story, and continues to appear in both the second and third stories.


Frea's Guild Card

Background: Edit

Frea joined Fairy Tail around the year x770 around the age of 10-11. She arrived in Magnolia under mysterious circumstances with no memory of her past or any information on who she was, or why she was in the city at all. The only things remaining to her memory were small- being her name, her Magic, and her unusual status of being a 'Demon'. Demon- granted for the souls of two demons by the names of Shadow and Winter who had been sealed inside her body by a person unknown- which was later to be revealed a Dark Wizard by the name of Kasumi, who utilized a special type of Maker Magic involving the making of Celestial Keys- and other powers unknown.

Frea was approached by the Fairy Tail Guild Master Makarov Dreyer and given chance to enter the Guild- and remained in the Guild, growing up along with the other Members and completing numerous jobs and Missions throughout her years within the Guild and Magnolia. From very early on Frea was ranked one of the top Wizards within the Guild and continued to gain power and strength throughout the years- she's able to go head to head with the likes of S-Class Wizards such as Erza Scarlet and Laxus Dreyer- and has earned the respect and love of nearly everyone in the Guild.

Due to her 'Demon' Status- Frea was often persecuted and harassed by the Members of the Magic Council- who saw her, and her existence within the Guild (For which has been known to cause several problems on its own) as a threat and danger to the rest of Fiore. She would often times be called in for Court Hearings and arrested, she was scrutinized and heavily watched. Master Makarov fought with the Council on many occasion on behalf of Frea, in effort to keep her in the Guild and out of Prison- to the point that he agreed to be the one to stop her in case she ever grew out of control- or one of the two Demons inside of her managed to take over.

Appearance: Edit

Frea is a young woman with medium-length, strawberry blonde hair that is silver in color at the ends. She often wears her hair up with bangs and two strips of hair to border her face. She is tall and slender- with an average bust, and is very strong despite outward appearance. Under her eyes are two markings of a silver color that stretch down her cheeks, curl under her jaw and end in a point halfway down her neck- these cannot be removed. There is a spiral scar etched on her right shoulder blade- of which she received from Kasumi when she was younger. There is another scar that stretches across the top of her left shoulder that she received after fighting a Dragon in Crocus when the Eclipse Gate was opened.


Frea's Spiral Scar

Her eyes are a strikingly bright silver color that matches the markings under her eyes and the tips of her hair- if a shadow passes over her face or a space is dark, her eyes seem to glow slightly. Her Guild Mark appears on her left shoulder- also silver in color.

Her usual attire consists of slim black pants, a black tank top with buckles about the torso- combat boots and a collar about her neck. She often carries a bag that she keeps extra supplies in and straps it to her back. She can often be seen with a black cloak imbued in pale silver, yellow and blue designs that she received from the Celestial Spirit Virgo in Chapter 42 of the 2nd Book. She also ties her hair up with a similar ribbon she received from the same Spirit as well.

She has a number of marks and Symbols associated with her throughout the stories- some of which are the Spiral Scar she has, a Dragon's Head, and a combination of the two.


Frea's Spiral with a Dragon's Head Symbol- the same mark used as her GateSentry Symbol placed on both her and Solana's hand.

Due to the nature of her job as a Wizard, and the many battles she is involved in- she always carries two or so spare sets of clothing within her bag to change into if she should need to. These clothes tend to vary.

Personality: Edit

Frea is a fairly easy going person who has proven several times over that she has just as much a fiery attitude as Natsu does- and is quick to go off should she become angry enough. She isn't a afraid to stand up against anyone should she feel the need to- and is also stead-fastly loyal to the Guild and everyone in it. She's very protective of her Guild-Mates, all of which she sees as her Family and cares for them deeply- anyone who hurts her Family finds themselves in a world of hurt, and should never underestimate the lengths she will go to protect, and even avenge those she cares for the most.

Though she comes off as being a hot-head, and in her younger years as cold and distant- and has effected the image of being rough and unruly- she is in reality a very kind and caring person, and is very capable of being gentle when the time comes for it. She tends to understand what others feel and relate to them- and has proven herself a very good listener to anyone who needs someone to talk to. Her ability to understand the issues of other people, and understand their emotions- for which, due to her Magic, she can actually physically feel and recognize different emotions coming off of others- has made it very easy for her to get people to open up- as in fact most people find her very easy to get along with and relate-able once they spend a little time with her. Frea also holds a personal philosophy to give everyone in Fairy Tail the benefit of the doubt and to trust them- no questions asked, in effort to make them all feel welcome and safe- though she doesn't expect those people to trust her in return- though many do nearly immediately.


Frea's usually happy demeanor.

For all her prowess at recognizing and understanding the feelings of other people- when it comes to self awareness of her own emotions, she quite lacks in that department. She has a hard time coming to terms with several of her own emotions and feelings, and has a difficult time admitting things to herself- whether it be fear, or what she truly feels about something in particular.

With Frea's own protectiveness of the Guild and its Members, she's willing to do whatever need be done to keep any of them from getting hurt- and is deathly afraid of being the reason anyone she cares for getting hurt because of her in any way. In her earlier years, her Demon Status kept her from getting close to people- and even more so after she lost control on one occasion and injured many members of the guild- an event she has never forgiven herself for. She's made a vow never to hurt those she cares for- and has gone to such lengths such as allowing herself to get hurt in place of anyone else, and keeping important secrets she felt would harm the Guild- a trait she closely shares with Jynx. Because she doesn't want to harm nor burden the Guild- she is also very reluctant to lean on other people for help even when she truly needs it, a trait that has also landed her in several series situations and hard places-much to the dismay of many of the guilds Members- Master Makarov especially.

Frea has a very non-girly outlook on life and despises wearing anything even slightly feminine in general- as seen for her utter dislike for wearing dresses or involving herself in such events like the Ms. Fairy Tail Contest. She is also very modest and not one to accept praise- of which makes her rather flustered whenever she receives it. She often times does anything she can to avoid the spot light and stay away from being the center of attention, and always finds a way to move the subject away from her and anything she does. Her modesty goes to such lengths that she keeps the fact she created what had been dubbed a 'Magical Anomaly' that had been seen by a good portion of Fiore itself- all in effort to keep away from unwanted attention. She also hates being worried or fussed over- and does not like being hovered over by anyone. She especially hates showing any sign of weakness in front of others.

Frea has also shown she cannot hold her liquor- she'd stated on many occasion she does not like the taste nor the smell, and has avoided drinking it at all costs. Her tolerance is so low- a single drink or two will send her into an extremely drunken state- and has proven to be erratic and a loose cannon when in this state.

She also seems to be a bit of a messy person, as commented on by Moon- who notices rather immediately that Frea hardly ever cleans their room in Fairy Hills, and doesn't seemed bothered at all by the mess and the clutter that accumulates. Her desk is perpetually a mess, in which she has numerous books and notes spread about the table top that pertain to whatever she is researching at any given time. Moon also mentions her closet is an absolute nightmare.

Magic and Abilities: Edit

Energy Magic: Energy Magic is a form of Lost Magic that has not been seen since the early ages of the world- and is in fact so rare, Frea is the only known Mage to use it before she takes on Chase Laec as an apprentice and teaches him the Magic. It is a very flexible and powerful Magic, and allows the user to create Spells as they need- and to remain in touch with the World around them on a deeper level than most people can ever achieve.

  • Spell Creation: Energy Mage's have extensive control and manipulative powers over Energy- of which, nearly everything in the World has in some way or other. Their Magic is fluid and versatile, and can be altered to adapt to nearly any situation- with their mastery of the Element Energy, they are able to create entirely new Spells that are intended for any purpose they may need at any time. Spell Creation is a skill unique only to Energy Mages, and only the most skilled among them. Spells are created via a series of verses or an incantation an Energy Mage creates themselves, altering their Magic to do as they need done, and effectively creating an entirely new Spell they can use again from any point on after the first time. Frea is a near master with creating Spells on the spot to suite her needs, and finds the process considerably easy and natural, though it usually shouldn't be so easy for anyone- only her.
  • Energy Shield/Dome/Sphere: Frea uses her Magic a shield to block incoming attacks and prevent Magic and damage from reaching her. Her Magic is placed before her, hardening to a substance stronger than steel and stationary. She has to actively concentrate to keep it from shattering under the force of the attack she is trying to protect against. She is able to create her Magic into a wall, or a dome, or even sphere around her and anyone else she wishes- depending on what she's trying to block against.
  • Energy Sense: Frea, already having heightened senses, concentrates solely on casting her reach out around her farther in order to pick up on any Energy Signatures or Magic within a certain area. Early on, her senses were only able to reach out a few miles- later on she is able to cast her senses out much farther, and even over grand distances when working with her former student and fellow Energy Mage- Chase.

-Energy Lock: Using Energy Sense, Frea can 'lock' onto the Energy Signature of a target and keep them in her sights and mind even after she finishes using her Energy Sense Spell. It is useful for keeping tabs on enemies far away, and finding them. She is able to transfer the image of a locked on to Energy Signature to other people- by concentrating her Magic around another person's eyes- as she did with Erza in Edolas, as she split up with her and Gray in order to fight Winter ShadeLocker.

-Mass Search: Using Energy Sense, Frea puts forth a large amount of Magic power to stretch her senses over a massive area, picking up on all Energy Signatures all in one fell swoop- being able to lock on to every Energy Signature in that area all at once. Doing so requires a large expenditure of Magic Energy, and is rather draining- she only ever used such a technique during the fight against the 10,000 Dragons in Crocus, in order to lock on to every Mage inside the city at once and execute her "Divine Protection of the Energy Mage" Spell.

  • Absolute Control: Energy Mages have near full control over Magic and Energy in all its different and diverse forms- and near full control over their own Energy, Magic, and Life Force. While regular Mages of any kind are susceptible to Magic that is geared toward controlling others Magic Energy, or even taking it- Energy Mages have the ability to take full control of their own Energy, and keep it from being taken by an outside force. This makes it very hard to steal their Magic, or alter it in anyway- but despite the name, is not always absolute. Taking full control is taxing and very hard to do- it can't be done for very long, and quickly exhausts the Mage when utilizing the skill.
  • Energy Mage Defense: A unison raid Spell utilized between Frea and fellow Energy Mage- Chase Laec. They press their palms together with one hand, while raising the other in front of them- combining their Power to incredible heights and creating a near impenetrable shield before them, that has the ability to block against even the most powerful attacks.
  • Divened Protere uf ve Enogora Magion: A Spell Frea originally learned in the Dragon Language, but translates into English as 'Divine Protection of the Energy Mage'. Frea can utilize this Spell to lock onto, and connect herself and more specifically, her Power and Magic Energy, with any number of people. She channels her own Magic and strength into those people, granting them a great boost, easing pain, providing more Magic Power, and making them stronger. Though not physically seen, this Spell also makes it much harder for attacks to cause serious damage to anyone affected by it. To cast such a Spell, an Energy Mage must have a large enough supply of Magic Power to give away- though that can be altered if the Mage themselves doesn't have enough Power to give away. In the case of Energy Mages, they are able to tap into the innate power of the Land around them, and can- with enough skill- channel Power from the Land itself into other people, power that usually isn't able to be accessed at all. It is a Spell utilized specifically by Energy Mages, it is powerful and effective- but costly, and can only effect non-Energy Mages. Frea however, managed a way passed that 'rule' of the Spell, when casting it on Chase.

Energy Dragon Slayer Magic: Frea is not only an Energy Mage, but an Energy Dragon Slayer- a Dragon Slayer who's Element is Energy. She was taught to use this Magic by her Foster Mother- Chaitanya, The Energy Dragon. Like all Dragon Slayers, Frea has enhance scent, sight, and hearing- and is privy to an arsenal of Dragon Slayer Magic much like those Spells used by other Dragon Slayers- with respect to her Element.

  • Energy Dragon Roar: Frea's exclusive Energy-based Dragon's Roar. After gathering Magic Power in her mouth, she shapes it into a powerful tornado which tears out to inflict damage on enemies. A Dragon's Roar attack usually deals a significant amount of force- Frea's however, as it has been noted by several others- possesses immense force, her Roar being much more powerful than any other Dragon Slayer's Roars. Her Roars can stretch out across several miles, and have the ability to rip up whole sections of the ground, or even uproot trees- the backlash of the wind picked up in consequence to the attack can be enough to push people back a few feet simply standing to the side of the attack itself. the Energy of her Roar deals extreme blunt force damage, as well as significant ability to tear and shred any opponent (or large number of opponents) caught inside the attack.
  • Energy Dragon Iron Fist: Frea's Energy-based version of the common Iron Fist technique- most usually used by Natsu. She gathers a large amount of Magic about her clenched fist, which she uses to strengthen and add a tremendous amount of force to her attack- she's able to send people flying with one solid hit, and even shatter large boulders.
  • Energy Dragon Wing Attack: Similar to the Wing Attack used by all Dragon Slayers, with respect to Frea's Element of Energy. Frea holds both arms out to her sides, encasing them with her Magic, making it spin as she strikes down at an enemy- putting out a large amount of pure force that can be both explosive, and tearing. She usually performs this attack by jumping into the air over an enemies head.
  • Energy Dragon Wave Attack: Frea spins on her toe, her arms held out to her sides as she sends numerous wave shaped attacks of her Magic through the air toward an enemy- dealing extensive. She has the ability to cause them to detonate as a bomb, or slice- being sharp enough to go clean through stone with relative ease.
  • Energy Dragon Claws: Frea curls her fingers on one hand, or both- and hardens her Magic about the tips of her fingers, her Magic creating razor sharp 'claws' capable of slicing through solid steel, to which she brings her hands down in a clawing gesture toward an opponent, or object. Her Magic on her fingers seems to 'steam' from her fingertips, traveling like wisps of steam and smoke through the air as she moves her hands.
  • Energy Beam: Frea produces a concentrated blast of her Magic that is sent out toward an opponent, taking the form of a smooth, long beam of bright light. It deals a decent amount of physical damage, and can break apart buildings.
  • Energy Trap: Frea spreads her Magic's reach into the area around her, producing a large Magic Circle over the ground under the feet of anyone near her. She causes her Magic to explode, bombarding opponents with extensive explosive damage and able to destroy large chunks of the ground around her all at once. Adversely, she can instead trap an opponent in a large Box, or Cage, made entirely of her Magic and detonate it with her adversary inside.
  • Energy Dispel: Being an Energy Mage, Frea has a greater control over Energy and Magic- to which is nearly almost purely Energy itself. By concentrating on the core of any type of Magic attack, Frea is able to destroy and dispel any attack she manages to trap inside of her own Magic. Doing so is very difficult, and requires a great amount of concentration and Magic Energy.
  • Energy Theft: Frea traps an opponent inside of her Magic, using her skills as an Energy Mage to reach out toward the Magic of someone else, or whatever sort of Energy she can feel inside of them- she crushes said Energy/Magic and rips it away from an opponent forcefully. That Energy is dispelled and broken down, no longer usable by her opponent, or even herself. She used such a technique against the Poison Mage Senna, 'stealing' her Poison from her (or rather, the Energy that created said poison) and leaving Senna without her ace in the hole.
  • Energy Chains: Frea creates a set of chains using her Magic, hardening them to be stronger than steel and nearly unbreakable. The Spell is used to hold down enemies, and is highly effective- but she must first come into contact with an enemy, tapping her opponent with her index and middle fingers at the same time, leaving an invisible mark on the person, to which she uses to create a sort of link between herself and her opponent, and then creating her Chains about her Enemy. The chains can be struck into the ground, or can be held on to by Frea herself- this move is usually used in accompany with the Hindering Seal.
  • Energy Boxes: A relatively new technique Frea has perfected (though she found it very hard to begin with). Frea used her Magic to create a smooth box, the size of which she can choose when first creating it. These Boxes have been mostly used to provide a landing when falling from great heights, being able to create such boxes in mid-air. She keeps them afloat in air by creating a Magic Circle that sends out her Energy Force Spell upward at the box. She can create one, or many of them at one time- but the amount of sheer concentration and exhausting drain on her Magic Energy takes its toll quickly, it isn't a technique she likes to use if she can help it.
  • Energy Force: A Spell that is accompanied by a Magic Circle, Frea concentrates her Magic and converts her Energy into pure kinetic, pressurized force- that unlike most of her Spells, is entirely non-visible. The Spell is usually executed by Frea pressing her open palm against an enemy- to which, a Magic Circle appears for a small moment before they are bombarded with pure force. The degree of force varies depending on how much Magic Energy she puts into the Spell, it can do as little as knocking an enemy backward- to being able to send a Dragon crashing into the ground from mid-air, as she managed when fighting against the Death Dragon Naraka in Crocus, during the Eclipse Gate incident. This Spell is also used in accompany with her Energy Boxes, in order to keep said boxes afloat in mid-air.
  • Energy Bombs: Frea concentrates her Magic into a small, tightly compact ball of pure Energy- and is able to detonate said 'bombs' at her own will, dealing great explosive force with single Bombs. She usually throws them straight at an opponent, or drops them near an enemy- some times she even attaches them to an enemy when they don't expect it, and detonates the Bomb from a safe Distance.

-Explosive Rain: A Spell using hundreds upon hundreds of Energy Bombs all at once. Frea creates a massive Magic Circle above the heads of one enemy, many, or even just an entire area and drops hundreds of highly compact Energy Bombs down toward the ground. They subsequently detonate all at once, dealing massive amounts of raw damage- a very powerful and effective Spell capable of dispatching hundreds of enemies all at once, or leveling buildings. However, it takes up a large chunk of Magic Energy and is extremely taxing, and is not a Spell to be used lightly.

  • Energy Dragon Earth Shock: A highly advanced technique, where Frea pours her Magic into the ground around her and sets it off in a highly volatile and powerful explosion. The attack rips the ground up and sends whole slabs of land flying, creating craters and cracks in the ground all around her- her Magic pours from the ground and tears out at anything it can touch, dealing massive, extensive blunt, explosive, and tearing damage. It is so powerful, it is able to cause a giant earthquake that can be felt for miles around by anyone in the vicinity. While the attack is extremely effective, it is very hard to utilize, and quickly exhausts Frea when she uses it- the sheer effect it can have on her has caused her not to ever use it for years upon years- long after she learned it and her Foster Mother Chaitanya left her behind.
  • Morana Drearand: A Spell usually cast in the Dragon Language, as she learned it- but also uttered in English as 'Heaven's Light'. It is an advanced Spell taught to Frea by her Foster Mother, Chaitanya- the Energy Dragon- only to be used in dire need. It is Healing Spell- but has a greater cost than the Healing Magic in which Wendy and Shelia use. For herself, she used her Magic to force her cells to heal faster than is normally possible- and as a thread and needle to stitch wounds back together on her own, or even use her Magic as a fiery hot source to 'burn' wounds in attempt to heal them. When using the Spell on others, she channels her own Life Force into someone else, essentially giving them her own life and subsequently healing and strengthening them- doing this however, is very risky. Giving away her own Life Force weakens her significantly and if used to much, can eventually kill her.
  • Speed of the Energy Dragon: While already possessing a great amount of speed all on her own, Frea can concentrate her Magic about her feet and use it to enhance her overall speed to incredible heights, as well as increasing her sheer attack power as well.
  • Energy Lance: A Spell in which Frea mimicked a similar move from Rified- who utilizes 'Death Lances', to which she used a skill known as 'Magic Mimicry' to obtain such a feat. She creates a long, powerful and sharp lance made completely from Energy, and sends it out toward an opponent. They deal a great amount of blunt force on their own, and can be given more power to be able to break through stone, and even skin and bone.

Energy Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Frea can utilize an array of highly advanced and powerful skills that are in possession of Dragon Slayers, though due to their complexity to cast and vast amount of power needed to use them at all- she, like the rest of the Dragon Slayers- does not use Secret Arts very often.

  • Energy Dragon Ultimate Defense- Enogora Dragair Skeel Sheld: A Shield in which Frea creates that is impossible to destroy, steadfast and impenetrable. It was easily able to stand up against Hades' Explosion Bullet, without the shield even gaining so much as a scratch. This Spell has the effect of draining Frea with one use, of only a few moments- and has only ever truly used the Spell once.
  • Hindering Seal: A highly advanced technique, in which Frea is able to concentrate her Magic around an enemy and place a 'seal' or block on their Magic. She has to make physical contact with someone to do such a thing, and places a Magic Circle in the form of a Seal on their person- though not visibly, her Magic spreads into her opponents body and forms in impenetrable cage around their Magic- to which she can sense and pick out easily due to her control over Energy and its various forms. In doing this she renders the Magic of an opponent useless and unusable.
  • Purifying Sphere: A Spell in which Frea encloses someone or something inside a dome created from her Magic, of which she must first create Pillars to withhold it- all through which reciting an incantation for the Spell. She uses the Spell, by focusing on a single aspect of something or someone's Energy, Magic, or Power- and uses a concentrated force of her Magic to crush and destroy whatever aspect of Energy she is targeting. The Spell is powerful, and destroys whatever she sets her sights on with it- but has a drawback. She can only focus on a single aspect in one go of the Spell, and not many. The Spell can be used against anything, but has a more profound effect on purely Negative and Evil Energy. Her Energy Magic acts as a 'divine' and almost inherently healing and 'pure' force, that is nearly unheard of- and is something not everyone can possess at all.
  • LightStream Ark: Frea focuses a massive force of her Magic above her as she falls through the air toward an enemy, lifting her hands over her head as her Magic manifests- she flips in air and throws her arms down toward her intended target, letting loose a gigantic stream of Energy Magic that arcs over her head and slices down at her target with massive amounts of blunt, tearing, shredding, and explosive force. This Spell is brutal and violently powerful, easily destroying miles of Land, pushing a Dragon into the ground, and cutting through dozens of large chains all at once.

Newly Created Spells: Frea, being an Energy Mage- is able to create entirely new Spells to do as she needs in nearly any situation, through use of the unique skill bestowed upon Energy Mages, known as Spell Creation.

  • Zero Power Healing/Purifying Spell (unnamed): One of the early on Spells that Frea utilized under the impossible circumstance of casting a Spell with absolutely no Magic Energy at her disposal. How this Spell actually worked, it is unclear- it is only understood that with Energy Magic, sometimes pure emotion can be enough to work Magic without actually having any Magic in a person's body at the time. This Spell was able to heal, or rather cleanse the residual Negative and Evil Energy that had been slowly killing Frea for months, and even went as far as to wash away the darkness shadowing Rified's mind that had caused him to do awful things, in result to the inherent evil nature of his Magic- though he himself is not inherently evil at all. This Spell remains a testament to how truly mysterious and powerful Energy Magic can be.
  • Sealing Trap: Frea created this Spell when fighting a Demon from the Book of Zeref, of which she dubbed a 'New Dragon Slayer Secret Art', though it is not technically a Secret Art, as she made it herself. The Spell creates a box around an adversary to trap it, and tear out at it's body, it's Energy, and it's Magic all at once- converting all of it into pure Energy, in which Frea channels into an object to seal a living creature inside of. She used a Lacrima as a prison to seal Zeref's Demon inside of, when sent on a mission to dispose of the creature for the Magic Council.
  • Healing Link- Balance Restore: A Spell Frea used to mend the Link between the Cosmic Souls Solana and Aisha, to their respective Celestial Powers, the sun and the moon. She created a link a between herself and the four using her Magic as a thread, or rather bridge, to cast between her own Being and the Beings of the a fore mentioned- using her Magic as a powerful force to mend the broken bond between them, and keep the Balance of the World itself from tipping completely (to which, in a way- was her fault the links being broken in the first place). The immensity of the Spell was so great, the visage of it could be seen for hundreds upon hundreds of miles, and was dubbed the Second 'Magic Anomaly' that Fiore had seen at the time.

Hidden Energy Magic- Celestial Energy Key Bind: An unknown form of Energy Magic that hadn't been known to exist until Frea was shown the Spell from inside the 'Enogora Magrea' book given to her by Jynx. In using this Spell, she was able to use her Magic to covert the Energy and Being of a Human into that of a Celestial Spirit- mimicking the skill possessed by GateSentry's, those granted the power to create Celestial Keys from living things by the Celestial Spirit King himself. The inner workings of the true way in which the Spell works is unknown, but it does seem to use a massive amount of raw Power- and expend that massive amount of Power around it in a colossal way- so huge a way, that the workings of this Spell was able to tear through the hold of the Celestial Spirit King when stopping the time of the Human world, and creating a dubbed 'Magic Anomaly' that nearly half of Fiore itself was able to see, despite how far anyone was away from the source.

Magic Mimicry: This is a skill that is very rare and few Wizards are able to learn or utilize. It is the ability to see a certain Spell or technique used my a Mage with a certain Element- and to recreate such a move perfectly, using your own respective Element. Frea was able to do this, by creating her own version of Rified's and Naraka's 'Death Lances' into her own Energy Lances. She was unaware what the ability to do so was, until Master Makarov explained it- expressing surprise at how easily she was able to obtain the skill, without nearly even trying.

Nullification Mastery; Magic Protect- Absolute Magic Control: Frea is able to take Absolute Control of her Energy and her Magic, and place a sort of barrier around both- keeping other forms of Magic from taking control of her Magic at all- and completely making Nullification Magic void around her. The technique is just as taxing as taking Absolute Control usually is, only more so considering the Magic she has to expend to keep the barrier up around her Energy constantly.

Drenim Lenkarron: This is a form of Forbidden Magic that Frea learned at some point in her years as being Mage- despite warning from both her Foster Mother, and Master Makarov- as well as the entire Wizard community- to never use such dark Magic. Using this Spell links herself and her being to someone else forcefully- when the other doesn't want to connect, or can't. It is a dark Magic and is very evil in nature, causing physical pain to cast- and liking not only bodies, but memories and past experience as well. Forbidden Magic has numerous backlashes and consequences upon it's use, and always forces the castor to obey one of four laws for a time;

  • Speak no Evil
  • See no Evil
  • Hear no Evil
  • Do no Evil

Mind Sealing Spell (unnamed): Frea's mind is unable to read nor reached into by anyone utilizing Mind relates Magic- nor are her thoughts able to be heard by Cobra, who comments on this as he meets her. The reason for this, Frea has never explained- only replying that 'there's a good reason no one can get into my mind'. The way in which she has managed to block her mind off is still a complete mystery, and she doesn't seem like she's going to explain it any time soon.

Dragon Force: By consuming a potion given to her by Porlyusica, Frea was able to enter Dragon Force. This ability is said to be the final and most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain, and it has been said that their power becomes comparable to that of a real Dragon's, in this state- the markings under Frea's eyes stretch and split, circling around both her arms, and around her shoulder blade's in a spiral fashion. Her Power and strength was greatly enhanced by this, enough that she was able to push past the exhaustion and crippling weakness plaguing her at the time. However, it only lasted a short time- and since then, Frea has not entered Dragon Force at all, mentioning that if Porlyusica hadn't give her the potion, she wouldn't have managed entering Dragon Force at all. She also made a note that what was seen of her Power that day with Dragon Force, was not nearly her full potential.

Second Origin: Like Erza, Frea has a Second Origin in which she can tap into to gain a boost in Magic Power and strength.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: In battle, Frea extensively employs unarmed combat with many of her Spells, and to possess great proficiency in doing so. She is able to easily block blows and send them, and has proven herself immensely capable against a Master hand to hand combatant such as Solana- whose skills are nearly unmatched.

Enhanced Smell: Frea has an incredible sense of smell, which she shares with other Dragon Slayers. She uses this for tracking purposes as well as identification, her nose is so sensitive, she is able to smell blood from a distance even in rain, and can even scent sickness.

Enhanced Hearing: Frea has shown extremely fine hearing, being able to hear running from the center of the town, as well as things too low for anyone to possible hear- such as whispers and words mumbled under one's breath.

Immense Durability: Frea has proven time and time again how utterly durable she can be. She's able to sustain serious and heavy injuries, sometimes over and over, and still continues to keep pushing herself back up and jumping into the fray. She is able to sustain numerous and serious wounds, as well as exhausting her Magic Power to the point of zero- and still be able to engage in serious confrontation afterward. She had on many occasions gotten back into the fight after exhausting herself into unconsciousness, even when others believed she wouldn't be getting back up anytime soon. She is able to sustain massive damage from a bombardment of Force Magic from Corbyn, and continue to fight with little rest as if the attacks hardly bothered her at all.

Immense Reflexes: Frea possesses extremely sharp reflexes, and a high degree agility and speed. She is very capable of dodging and maneuvering out of the way of attacks nearly too fast and numerous to physically avoid, as well as having an insanely quick reaction time to instances of danger- such as, despite being weakened, she was able to erect a giant Energy Shield to protect her Guild from Atlas Flame and his Dragon's Roar, erecting her Magic in a split moments time when everyone else couldn't act fast enough. Her reaction time in placing shields has been shown to be immense, as she often is able to erect a shield before herself, or someone else in a split seconds time to avoid damage, her counteracts using both her Magic and physical prowess is also shown to be great. She has also proven she is very much able to act on a dime and come up with solutions and a plan on the fly- her quick thinking allows her to barrel through a complicated situation and face an issue head on with immense cleverness and adaptability, such as when she is able to quickly create numerous Spells in dangerous, and time-sensitive situations.

Enhanced Speed: Frea has shown herself to be very quick and agile, her speed so great that she can appear to 'disappear' from sight in a moments time.

Immense Perception: Frea is very perceptive, as she should be being an Energy Mage- which allows her to physically feel other people's emotions, and sense any change in Energy or Magic signatures without needing to actually focus on anything in particular. She is very sensitive to changes in the air, the Land, and the Magic around her- as well as the people, she's very good at determining when people are lying to her, or if they have something to hide.

Immense Magic Power: Frea is in possession of an immense supply of Magic Power, her supply is so great she is able to cast complicated and advanced Spells all in rapid succession, as well as use her Magic to obtain impossible feats. Her Magic Power is so great, it can be felt like a wave of pressure constantly flowing from her- something other Mages, who are not necessarily sensitive to such Magical Pressure, are able to feel it easily. Her Magic Power seems to have near no bounds, and has been described as stifling and even choking at times- her Magic is so powerful it was able to be seen and felt by near half of the population of Fiore as she cast two high level Spells, in what were dubbed as 'Magic Anomalies'. She is in possession of so much Magic Power, she was able to nearly continually use her Magic unconsciously to unravel Fairy Sphere for the entirety of the seven years the Tenrou Team were trapped inside. Should her Magical Pressure become potent enough it can crack the ground, shatter boulders, send rubble flying- and even instantaneously destroy hundreds of Paper Dolls sent toward her by Ivan Dreyer in a seconds time, without even having to cast a Spell nor move a muscle- she was also able to keep an underground crypt from collapsing for hours on end, her Magic seeping into everything with enough power to make all movement and falling debris halt entirely. Frea's Magic Power also made Cobra uneasy and unwilling to fight with her on even terms, admitting that he didn't believe he could win against her- and causing him to question if Frea was even human when her Magic seemed to explode to insane heights before him. The Limits of her Magic Energy Supply have been mentioned to not have met their full potential, in the words of Jynx who has said told Frea; "In you there is much more Magic Power than I have ever seen- though you may be unable to utilize it. In you a Lost Magic has survived- and thrived. In you, you posses such Colossal Ancient Power, no one could ever begin to guess the limits of your abilities", suggesting the true limits of Frea's Magic potential has yet to be realized.

Immense Strength: Even without the use of her Magic, Frea has proven she is quite the formidable opponent with simply physical attacks. She is able to easily block blows, and send others flying backwards with a punch- the force of her feet pushing off railing is enough to shatter it. She is able to send Laxus crashing into a wall hard enough to crack it with a simple blow to the chest, and is able to crack stone by punching it.

Equipment: Edit

Bag: Frea often carries a bag around that she can strap to her back, in which she uses to carry spare clothes, snacks, money and other various items- including the Enogora Magrea Book and a Calling Card given to her by Cana. There is a Lacrima sewn into the lining of the bag that allows Frea to use her Magic to transport it back to her if she were to lose it, or leave it somewhere. The bag is also enchanted to make it water and damage resistant.

Celestial Cloak: This is a cloak given to Frea by Virgo, on which she received after the Spirit treated her wounds shortly after converting a Human Soul into a Celestial Key. It is black with silver, yellow and light blue swirling designs, and is also damage resistant.

Celestial Ribbon: Another gift from Virgo, a strand of highly durable and nearly entirely damage resistant ribbon that is black in color with zigzagging blue, silver and yellow design across the face. Frea often uses it to tie up her hair, or keep it back.

Enogora Magrea Book: An old, ancient leather bound book with a mind of its own that was given to Frea by Jynx- it is written entirely in the Dragon Language, and is nearly impossible to make out. It contains several different Spells and Symbols, and seems aware of the things going around it- as well as Possessing Magic of its own, being able to teleport itself at will, and able to seal itself from the eyes of those it doesn't want to read what it has inside.

Calling Card: A Magically Enchanted Card given to Frea by Cana on request of Mirajane, that allows Frea to contact the Guild whenever she may need to- as she is unable to communicate Telepathically like the rest of the Guild can, it is the only way to get a hold of her when she is off alone on Missions.

Relationships: Edit

Frea has shown herself to have a very good relationship with her Guild, though many were very unsure of her and her Demon Status to begin with.