Copy-Cat Magic
Type Caster Magic
User(s) Moon


Copy-Cat Magic is a form of Castor Magic that allows the user to 'Copy' Spells seen by the user. It is a rare Magic and one not easily used, the only known user of the Magic is Moon, who introduces the Magic in Book 3.


Copy-Cat Magic is a hard and difficult Magic to use. It allows the user to 'Copy' Spells they have seen before, or in some cases, read about or researched, if the skill of the Castor is high enough.

Copy-Cat Magic creates a copy of any given Spell of type of Magic, but it is not an exact replica. The Magic that is copied is significantly weaker than the original counterpart. Some of the more higher level and complex Spells cannot be reacreated using Copy-Cat Magic at all, and the range of Spells able to be utlized is limited by the Castor's own level of skill and Magic Energy, as well as the type of Magic trying to be copied.