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Aisha's Guild Card

Alias(s) Cosmic Soul (for the moon)
Race Human

Cosmic Soul

Gender Female
Age 18 (x791)
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Purple
Professional Status
Affilation Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location Left Side of Chest
Occupation Mage

Information Broker for the Magic Council

Independent Mage (former)

Team None
Partner(s) Chase Laec

Frea (former)

Base of Operations Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Magic Counsel

Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents (deceased)

Solana (sister)

Magic MoonLight Magic

Various Other Techniques Unknown

Book #3- Balance In Our Lives
Chapter Chapter 8- Thought to Be Dead

Aisha is a main character and somewhat neutral character within the Frea-verse Story Line. Her first appearance is in Chapter 8 of the Third Book- Balance In Our Lives and she continues to appear throughout the rest of the series alongside Fairy Tail.

Background: Edit

Not much is known about Aisha's past, nor does she give any insight to it with anyone- even her own sister, Solana, who believed her to be dead for a number of years until finding her once again. It is known that after her village was attacked, when both she had her sister were much younger- she was captured by the unnamed Dark Guild that had lead the attack. She spent a number of years as a prisoner to that Dark Guild before escaping, it is not known how she managed to get away. Some time during her years inside that Dark Guild, she learned Moonlight Magic- subsequently becoming the Cosmic Soul for the moon once the previous one died.

After her years as a prisoner she struck out on her own as an Independent Mage and took up an occupation as an Information Broker for the Magic Council- collecting and passing along information on a wide variety of people, Dark Guilds, and events- including digging up well hidden secrets.

At some point between being a prisoner and taking up as an Information Broker, Aisha spent time in a small, independent nation known as Agdnei. What she did while in the country is unknown, but she seems to have earned herself quite a reputation from her actions there, even so far as to earn the Title "Mistress of the Moon". This first revealed in the Death Bolt/Shadow Arc of Book 3, where she is recognized by the Guild Leader of Death Bolt for her actions and time in Agdnei.